Privacy policy

Version under date of 15th of July 2013

Maintaince of your confidentiality is important for «Genvej» LTD (hereafter referred as service/«CashBox»/we/our). Due to this particular reason we settle privacy policy document (hereafter referred as «Document»), which includes conditions and processes protection of personal data, retrieved from customers, relevant parties and our Web-site visitors, also storage, retrieval and use of the data.



CashBox ensures proper maintaince privacy policy provisions and protection of users personal data. This document valid for public web-site CashBox - (hereafter referred as «Web-siteт»), also for every online forms, internal forms and means of communication used at Web-site for personal data retrieval.

If you have any questions or suggestions concerning this document, please text a message to We will process your questions as soon as possible with maximum professional attitude.

If you disagree with any of provisions, provided in this Document or with Service regulations, please leave Web-site.

Personal data retrieval

Retrieved data

    We may collect and process following personal data from you:
  • Information provided at the Web-site, including information provided during registration for right of Web-site Service use, service subscription, material publishing and query for other services as your Name, Surname, Patronymic name, your gender, date of birth, e-mail address, phone number, identification data used for social networks, login and password. We can also ask you to provide any other kind of information (necessary for organization and running events), when you enlist for contest or advertising campaign participation, also when you submit a report about Web-site operation issues. 
  • If you enter into correspondence with us, we keep the right to save it.
  • We can also require to fill a survey for further study, however it is not necessary and you may refuse.
  • Transfer details, conducted via Web-site and order completion.
  • Web-sites visiting details, including traffic data, log-files and other communicative data, we need for any kind of operations.
  • For some actions we may ask you to create a username and password and/or provide us already registered username and password, and other information such as your age, date of birth, gender and/or platform preferences, also combine this information with your personal data. Besides, your browser or client software may provide Cashbox certain information about your computer geo-location etc.. We may use this information in order to generate overall statistics about user community abd we may ass this information to advertising agencies or partners. CashBox also may use this information for security means, maintaince of System consistency (prevent from hacking attacks, unauthorized access etc..) or as a mean for security hardening.

IP-address and Cookies

We may collect information about your computer including available IP-address, operating system and browser type for system administration purposes or our partners. These are pieces of static data and it does not identify user. For the same reason we may collect information about your Web-site using by processing cookie files located at your hard drive.

    This data helps us to:
  • identify you when you are back to the Web-site;
  • store information about your preferences thus we can optimize Web-site according with your interests;
  • speed up search process;
  • measure Web-site reach and user preferences;
  • upgrade provided service quality.

You may refuse accept cookies, by activating your browser settings. In this case, if such an option will be activated, you will not be able to access certain Web-site features. Our System will keep using cookies until your browsed is set up for cookies block.


As many other Internet services we also use log-files on our servers. Log-file includes IP-address, browser type and e-mail client, Internet provider data, source and referral web-page, computer platform type, time and date, user activity (such as user rating, statistics, our services usage). CashBox uses server log-file data for tendencies analysis, service administration, offered at the Web-site. IP address is not bound to identification personal data.

Hardware and software that carry Web-site, have temporary log-files which are not stored at CashBox servers. These files keep access information, as well as settings, system notifications, and any other information, needed for your Web-site operations. Your information may be stored in back up files, periodically created by server. This information is collected on anonymous basis for Web-site functionality and statistics.

Personal data storage

We provide any means possible for keeping ongoing information in accordance with this document provisions. Every provided piece of information stored at our servers. CashBox uses standard technology of the industry including firewall, for safety and keeping your personal data confidential. Every payment is coded with SSL technology. If you were issued, or specified password for access to certain areas of the Web-site, you are responsible for password storage. We earnestly ask you not to share this information to others. Unfortunately we are unable to completely secure data communications security through the internet. Despite written above we are obliged to do the most in order to ensure data communication security of our Web-site. However, you should know that any data communication have to be conducted with full understanding of possible risks. As soon as we will get information from you we will conduct the most reliable procedures in order to secure access to this information from third parties.

Use of personal data

In general information provided at the Web-site is collected by CashBox or third parties, such as sponsors or service providers for advertisement purpose. Use of the information in CashBox is regulated by this document. Third parties names, such as sponsors (except service providers, hired by CashBox to conduct, administrate and execute advertising campaigns on Cashbox behalf) will be available for you before you will be offered to participate in advertising campaign.

We do not sell personal data of our customers, concerned parties or visitors and do not share this information to third parties. We may disclose the information to our business partners and advertisers. This is not directly related to personal data and can not identify a separate person.

For proper service of the Web-site we have right to share information specified at our Web-site to other organizations which provide hosting, conduct payment operations, provide online correspondence services without your consent. These companies have right to use collected data exclusively for services they provide at your request from us.

If in the future CashBox will be united with another company via companies amalgamation, sale of company, acquisition, dissolution or via any other processes, your personal data may be provided with company or as a part of the company or sold as a part of the company asset.

State of compliance

CashBox with any mean possible follows the law and aimed for maximum personal data security. Nevertheless, legislation of other countries may differ and CashBox is looking forward to follow the regulations of this document even if your personal data will be moved to another country where «adequate» personal data safety procedures are not followed. In other words, our goal is to preserve personal data regardless where it was collected, in what way transmitted and stored before. In addition, if it is necessary to provide your personal data to law enforcement and legal parties for investigation or problem resolve, in case when we set down as indispensable.


You also have right to subscribe for our online notifications services (news letters and/or Web-site updates related to services), which will be directed to your e-mail address used during registration not more than once a week.

If you do not want to get messages from CashBox to your e-mail address about products and services, you may refuse from notifications any time, by clicking at the link at the bottom of the message.

In case of any other questions, you can always contact Customer Support Service at the page

Children safety

We are serious about children safety and we want parents actively participate in online experience that get their children. CashBox recommend parents and wardens spend more time with children when they are online in order to know what kind of information get their children using Internet.

Parents and wardens must anticipate children use of the e-mail or any other means of communication, as well as products and services payment. Software developers web-sites contain special programs that restrict access to children to certain services in order to make Internet space safe for children.


This document may be altered that is why you need to check it sometimes in order to be in touch with recent changes. If this document will be altered you will be immediately notified about it via e-mail or any other possible means of communication. Further use of our services will be a proof that you accepted changes.


In case of any question or complain related to this document or with questions and offers related to Web-site contact