Cashbox — is a promotion board for web-site and mobile apps

With Cashbox you promote your web-sites through social networks, get new subscribers for groups and publics, get comments and feedback for your products.

Advertisers: 5800

Operators: 91337

Tasks for completion: 224

Available for earning: 75354.63 rub.

Complete tasks: 2453155

For advertisers

Get new customers by publishing tasks

  • Task coasts: join a group — up to 90 kopeck, like — up to 10 kopeck,
    install application — up to 4 rub.
  • Increase your subscribers at Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
  • Get more views and likes to your posts, photos and videos.
  • Increase downloads of your app at Google Play and Appstore.
  • Conduct researches
  • Absolutely bot-free, only «actual» people
  • Task completion guaranteed
  • Flexible discount system
  • Advertiser instructions
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For Operators

Earn money by completing tasks!

  • Cost of every task depends individually on operator
    WebMoney and CashBox activities.
  • Share posts, «like» them, join groups and publics in Social networks
  • Watch videos and like them on YouTube
  • Install apps from Google Play and AppStore
  • Participate in surveys and discussions
  • Minimum withdrawal amount of 2 kopeck in ultra-reliable WebMoney Transfer System.
  • Withdrawal at any convenient time.
  • Affiliate program till 10%
  • Instructions for operators
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