User agreement

Public offer providing services by «»

«» administration provides services at the web-site under terms and conditions which are «» terms of use. Administration regards terms of use as a Public offer in accordance with article 437 of Civil Code of the Russian Federation.

1. Terms and definitions

For public offer purposes following terms and definitions regarded as:
1. «Internet-Resource» - collection of integrated software-hardware means and information supposed for Interned publishing displayed in certain text, graphic or audio form. Interne resource available for users of Internet by domain name and URL (Uniform Resource Locator) — unique digital address allowing access to information and software-hardware complex.
2. «Web-Page» - page (HTML-document) of Internet-Resource.
3. «Information content» - any text, graphic, audio, video or mixed content regarded as information assets.
4. «Information content publication» - technological publishing of information content on Internet-Resources.
5. « service» - software-hardware complex regulated by web-site Administration dedicated for mutual discharge of parties.
6. «» Service user interface» - access interface for statistics and management of published information content. Access granted via WM-Identificator (WMID) and password at the page:
7. «User» - any person who registered at the web-site and accepted web-site Terms of use.
8. «Advertiser» («Provider») - private or corporate person who publishes information content, who is beneficial owner established by legislation of the Russian Federation, on the Internet by means of «» service.
9. «Operator» – private person, who has reached age of 18 years, competent Internet user, acting in capacity of publishing information materials of Advertiser at personal blogs, web-pages or other internet resources.
10. «Ban» – is a temporary user activity restriction for a definite or indefinite period of time by web-site Administrator.
11. «BL» - is a defined Business Level, publicly available combined characteristic of WM-identificator business activity.
12. «WMID» - is a registered number of the user issued during the registration in WebMoney Transfer System.
13. «WM-Passport» - is a digital identification document of WebMoney transfer System user, which contains personal data of the owner.
14. «Web-site administration» - group of individuals keeping service in working state, holding organization authority and rights of the service, monitoring moderators and settle disputes between Operator and Advertiser when it occurs.
15. «Account» - is a register entry, personal page of Operator and Advertiser which contains personal and advertising campaign data.

2.General provisions

1. Web-site materials and services is a subject to terms of use in accordance with legislation of Russian Federation.
2. Acceptance of this offer take place in subsequentАaffirmative performance of following actions:br/> 2.1. Familiarization with public offer and Terms of use of «» service at the web-site;
2.2. Authorization at the web-site trough Login.Webmoney service.
3. User is ultimately responsible for keeping login and password for «» service and for material losses which become likely in case of unauthorized use of login/password and/or access channel. Web-site Administration is not responsible and do not compensate any losses, on account of unauthorized access of third parties to User account data..
4. User has no right to pass login and password to third parties, which allow to gain access to «» and other services provided by web-site Administration. Each action undertaken with login password feature shall be considered as performed by User.
5. Administration has right to alter unilaterally terms of this offer. Such alterations go to effect after 3 (three) day after new public offer is published at the web-site. If User disagree with alterations access to the web-site must be terminated, as well as web-site materials and services.
6. Using web-site without propitiators consent is prohibited (Civil Rule 1270 Civil Code of Russian Federation). Web-site materials quotations active referral link is a compulsory condition (unit. 1 Civil Rule 1274 Civil Code of Russian Federation).
7. User agrees that web-site Administration is not responsible for direct or related liabilities to User in case of any possible forfeits or material losses related to the web-site contents, copyright registration or registration details, products and services available at external web-sites or resources or other User contacts made using web-site information and external links.
8. User accepts provision that web-site materials and services may contain advertising. User agrees that Administration is not responsible for this kind of advertising.
9. Administration is not responsible to third parties for information content, used in Advertiser materials published, as well as material, moral or any other harm, caused by third parties misuse of the information.
10. Minimum costs of information material publishing is regulated by Administration of the web-site unilaterally and it can be altered at any time.
11. Information material publishing cost also depend directly from User of web-site specified cost . 12. Administration has right to decline any information material without any explanation.
13. Administration has right to ban User account in case of actual User IP address masking detected as example using proxy servers, TOR service or equivalent.
14.«» Service Users are forbidden tо : 14.1 register as User on behalf or as another person («fake account»);
14.2 upload, store, publish, distribute or provide access or use information which:
- contain treats, damaging information, insults, discredit honor, dignity and business reputation or violates privacy of other Users or third parties;
- violates rights of under-age persons;
- is vulgar or obscene, containing explicit text, pornographic pictures and text and pictures and text of sexual context with involvement under-age persons;
- contains scenes of violence or animal abuse;
- contains suicide description methods or any instigations of commitment;
- promotes racial, religious or ethnical hatred, promotes fascism or racial superiority ideologies;
- contains extimist materialsм promotes criminal activities or advices, manuals and instructions for criminal activities;
- contains restricted access information including but not limited national or commercial security information about third parties privacy;
- contains information of fraudulent character ;
-also violates other rights and interests of private and corporate persons or legislation regulations of Russian Federation.

3. Operator terms of use:

1. By completed task is meant an information material distribution at Operator page, blog or other Internet resources at permanent term (until account is terminated) or by completion of a certain action on the Internet in accordance with specified requirements. Information material publishing conducted at Operators own risk. Web-site administration is not responsible for Service User information material publishing.
2. Users are not allowed to use the System for Client information material publishing if their pages, blogs and other Internet resources are commercial oriented, blocked, auto filled, not subscribed or followed by actual visitors or fictional (multi accounting).
3. Withdrawal is conducted in WMR currency during several minutes from User application is submitted in «» Account.
4. Web-site administration has right to refuse in withdrawal for nonfulfillment or improperly fulfillment of public offer terms of Web-site use «».

4. Advertiser terms of use:

1. Information materials type and specifics published at «» Service for third parties Internet resources, start of publication and other publication conditions are determined by Advertiser via «» Service user interface.
2. Service cost can not be lower than minimum service cost specified at «» web-site URL
3. Statistic data of published information materials and providing access to advertiser conducted by Web-site Administration. Сcollected statistic data is published at secured area of «» web-site.
4. Advertiser gain access to statistic data via authorization at «» through Login.Webmoney service.

5. Advertiser is obliged to:

5.1. Provide information materials for internet resources publishingб which are belong to Advertiser by property or any other right determined by Russian Federation Legislation in power.
5.2. Provide property rights confirmation of published information materials during three days.
5.3. Provide property rights confirmation of published information materials during three days. In cases when Client publishes information about products and services which have rules and regulations, Client must provide every needed documents, licenses or certificates own and provide copies during three days, by Administration request.
5.4. Assume responsibility to follow updates of service «» activities at the page
5.5. Assume availability of web-pages on the Internet specified in announcement board links. Advertiser web-page linked with information materials must be correctly opened in any popular browser used by Internet users (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari)must not contain malware not more one pop-up window.
6. Web-site Administration has right to alter % fee rate unilaterally.
7. Information materials published by a Client must not contain information, mentions and links to products and services prohibited by actual Legislation of Russian Federation Advertising law.

4. Final provisions:

1. This public offer constitutes an agreement between User and Administration Web-site related to «» terms of use and its services.
2. Public offer terms are governed and construed in accordance with actual Legislation of Russian Federation. Questions beyond these terms are regulated in accordance with actual legislation of Russian Federation.
3. In case of any dispute or disagreement related to web-site rules execution, User and Web-site Administration make every possible effort towards conflict settlement through negotiation between parties. In case if dispute will not be solved by negotiations, they settled in accordance with actual Legislation of Russian Federation.
4. . Public offer come to effect for User from the moment of acceptance in accordance with unit 2 part 2 of the offer and it remains in effect for indefinite term.
5. If for any reason, one or several units of this offer will render ineffective or non-legit, it will not affect other units of the public offer.