General questions

Which social networks do you work with?

We are working with following social networks at the moment:
Vkontakte - http://vk.com/
FaceBook - http://www.facebook.com
Twitter - http://twitter.com
Odnoklassniki - http://www.odnoklassniki.ru/

What are surveys?

These are online questionnaires which grant a reward when all the questions answered.

What are service requirements

There are some requirements that met automatically. Every WMID must be with Formal WM-Passport (issued free-of-charge) and verified phone number. Social network account as well must have verified phone number and at least one friend.

Financial questions

What is the difference between «account amount» and «pending amount»?

«Account amount» - is an amount available for withdrawal or spending within service.
«Pending amount» - is an amount reserved by the System until task completion is confirmed.
We reserve amount for 7 days after task is complete. At the end of 7 days period we check task completion and transfer reserved amount to account. Starting from this moment amount is at users disposal, including withdrawal operations

What payment system do you work with?

We work with WebMoney payment system.
Payment acceptance conducted via WebMoney payment system. Settlement goes with US dollars and for that, you need to get WMR-Purse within your WM-Identificator (WMID).

For operator

How to earn here?

CashBox.ru web-site allows to earn by participating in paid surveys and completion of tasks for a reward in social networks such as:
Facebook: “like” and “share”;
Vkontakte: “like” page or post and “share” page or post, “join a group” or “subscribe to public page”;
Twitter: “retweet”, “follow a user”, “share a link”.
Odnoklassniki: “share a link”, “subscribe to public page”, Class! To photos and posts.

How to start?

After authorization at the web-site as an operator, «Surveys» section will be available to you. Answer questions and gain the indicated reward for that.
In order to start earning within social networks you need social networks “Vkontakte”, “Facebook”, “Twitter” and “Odnoklassniki” accounts. Visit «Social networks» section and authorize using your social network account, this will allow you to pick any task related to offered social networks and complete them for indicated reward. Detailed instructions can be found here - http://cashbox.ru/Home/InstrCr

What is "account social value"?

Social network account value — is a closed overall characteristic of activity level within given social network and within WebMoney Transfer System, depending on total friends (subscribers) quantity, registration date, BL and WM-Passport type in WebMoney system.

Why not a single task is displayed?

Task list is empty only in one case — there is not a single task available. In any other cases they are always displayed. However, there are filters «Incomplete», «Complete» / «All», «Available only».

During what period of time I can get my ordered payment?

Amount withdrawal is conducted automatically right away. Once user input purse number and amount, payment goes to queue and processed in several minutes.

How to make a screenshot (Print Screen, screen «capture»)?

The easiest and fastest way to make a screenshot in any of Microsoft Operating Systems you need to hit Print Screen (Prt Scr) button on key board when needed picture is on your screen. As a result, computer saves information directly from your screen and stores it in staging warehouse (clipboard).

In case if you need to capture only one window at your screen, you need get it active, by clicking on it, and then hit Alt + Print Screen buttons combination.

After that you will be able to edit and sve your image in any graphic editor. The easiest of them is Microsoft Paint, which is already in standard software set for Windows system. In order to use this software you need to run it first (click at «Start» menu, then click Run menu, type mspaint and click Ok button, Paint program will open).

In program window click at Edit – Paste, if question about picture size will occur, click Yes. After that you will see a picture of your screen at the moment when you hit Print Screen button.

Next you need to save this picture, to do so click at File menu, then Save button, a window will open where you need to chose path to your picture file, name of your file and format which you want to save your picture. Please note that file size depend directly from file type. JPEG format is preferable if it is available. Picture file you created is called a screenshot.

Can I leave groups after my reward is collected?

No. If you do not like subscription contents do not leave a group, you can just hide it in your news feed.
Such option available almost everywhere. As an example in “Vkontakte”: aim your cursor to any of group news and click at cross above it, then click at hide group feed.

For advertiser

How to create a task? Tell me what I need to do?

After authorization at the web-site as an Advertiser you can create and publish free-of-charge and reward paid surveys.
In order to start working within social networks you need social networks “Vkontakte”, “FaceBook”, “Twitter” and “Odnoklassniki” accounts. Visit «Social networks» section and authorize using your account, this will allow you to create any task related to offered social networks and manage them. Detailed instructions can be found here - http://cashbox.ru/Home/InstrAr

How to pick operators for my task?

During task creation step you can pick special requirements for operators. As an example BL >10 or (and) Personal WM-Passport ownership.

My tasks are being unsubscribed! What should I do?

We can not control operators to stay in your group or like it forever. Now we can only ensure that your task will be actual for N amount of days. N=7 at the moment.

Nobody completes my tasks. What should I do?

There could be following reasons: insufficient reward rate (comparing to other tasks) inflated demands for operator's BL and WM-Passport type.

Other questions

If I have a question but there is no answer for it, what should I do?

If you have questions and can not find answers here, you can text us using special form in «Contacts» section or you can text an e-mail to support@cashbox.ru
We will be happy to answer your questions.